Book Two:


A disabled teenager becomes the focus of his teacher's animosity because of his infirmity. 

Book Three:


Opens as America is on the cusp of World War Two.  Jeremy Kyner, now a man...

The year is 1918 and the world is mired in the 'Great War'...

Book One:



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Readers' Favorite has announced that "Benjamin's Field: Ascent"by          J. J. Knights has won Finalist in the Young Adult - Social Issues category of the Readers' Favorite 2017 International Book Award Contest.

ddA young Canadian woman escapes an arranged marriage by posing as a man and fleeing to Civil War America.  

         Though undiscovered and safe, she finds herself in a country on the brink of Civil War.  Forced by her conscience to help end slavery, she maintains her disguise to join the Union Army, ultimately volunteering to spy behind Confederate lines. 

         After learning her clandestine lover has been captured, she must make the most critical choice of her life: fulfill her mission or disobey and risk sacrificing her secret - and her life - to save him. 

          Inspired by the true story of New Brunswick native Sarah Emma Edmonds.

                          Coming soon!